I haven’t been doing any digital drawing lately, so now I’m asking for requests!

I found a great tutorial for drawing kissing, so I want to try that out! they’ll probably just be head/bust shot sketches, and I probably won’t do a ton, but please send me some pairings! c:

(I’ve only ever made one attempt at kissing - on my 3DS swapnote like a year ago. I was afraid of lips. ;;; )


your yearly reminder


If Twitch Plays Pokemon Were a Cartoon

Remember the original Twitch Plays Pokemon. We do. We can never forget, no matter how hard we try.

Anyways, Youtuber lightsen imagines what it would be like if the original TPP were an animated show - and it involves a lot of confused NPCs and ramming into walls for no reason. As expected.





…set me free

trust me and we will escape from the city

I’m glad that you still intend to fight.

"Even if I’m no match for his talent, I have confidence that I  can set the best tosses for everyone.”


Silly HQ sketches from twitter. I really like how many of the characters from this show seem to fit a certain stereotype at first but then you know them better and you see they’re actually more ‘believable’ characters than what they seem.