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just an early college student trying to learn how to draw. <3 I reblog a lot of art and fandom-y things. occasionally I draw, too! ( art/personal blog! ) according to my birthday, I am the hermit arcana.

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I’M DONE I’M DONE BUT SO is the HQ anime this week T E A R S

Thank You for 7000!
I reached a milestone recently, and it means a lot to me!  I really appreciate all of you hanging around, so I’m doing another giveaway for you guys!    This time, the prize is a set of the HQ+Flora postcards / mini-prints OR $25 to spend on anything I have in my store.  

  • Reblog and/or Like for a maximum of 2 chances to enter.
  • This is a giveaway for followers only.
  • I will pay for shipping!
  • Giveaway winner will be chosen on October 1st!

Again, thank you so much!!!  I hope you’ll stick with me in the future. 


enjoying the female MC’s route more

I shaded my doodle from last night. I&#8217;ve been slacking with my drawing practice. ;w;

I shaded my doodle from last night. I’ve been slacking with my drawing practice. ;w;


I did three two of these yesterday and stopped for the day. Haha! Bless you for hearing my cry for a Silver request. I wasn’t sure which verse you wanted of him so I chose the game one. Dat smirk.

quick black and white doodle of my oc, Raiko. I’m trying to get more comfortable with cleaner lines!



everyone check your music apparently the new U2 album downloaded onto everyone’s iPhone hahhah I’m dying